GM Preferred Pricing, Origin Energy Pricing, and Skimming Pricing Strategy are three examples of pricing strategies to consider.

Pricing strategies are crucial in determining a company’s performance in the business world. They represent a company’s value proposition, market positioning, and competitive advantage rather than being just numbers on a tag. The GM Preferred Pricing, Origin Energy Pricing, and the Skimming Pricing Strategy are three different pricing techniques that are examined in this article.

Enhancing Customer Loyalty with GM Preferred Pricing

One pricing technique that sticks out when it comes to automotive behemoths like General Motors (GM) is GM Preferred Pricing. By providing special discounts to particular groups, such as employees, suppliers, and their close families, this strategy aims to promote brand loyalty and develop consumer connections. These crucial stakeholders’ spirits are raised by GM Preferred Pricing, which also guarantees that they will continue to be loyal customers of the company.

By offering special pricing to these chosen groups, GM demonstrates its dedication to appreciating its key employees and their families. As employees and suppliers tell their social networks about their great experiences, this method offers the dual benefits of increasing brand loyalty and growing the consumer base. GM Preferred Pricing is a strategy for creating a close-knit network of brand evangelists rather than just cutting costs.

Origin Energy Pricing: An Approach Focused on the Customer

When it comes to price, Origin Energy has adopted a customer-centric approach that emphasizes transparency and customisation. This method contrasts with more conventional energy pricing strategies, which frequently left consumers perplexed by intricate tariff systems. In order for customers to know exactly where their money is going, Origin Energy Pricing focuses on giving them a detailed overview of their energy bills.

Additionally, Origin Energy gives clients a selection of plans that are catered to their individual need. Customers are given the ability to personalize their energy solutions thanks to this, which encourages financial self-control. Origin Energy’s pricing strategy builds trust, boosts customer satisfaction, and distinguishes the business in a cutthroat industry by prioritizing the demands of the customers.

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Using the Skimming Pricing Strategy, New Heights

By placing starting rates at a premium level, the skimming pricing strategy adopts an audacious and cutting-edge approach to pricing. This strategy works especially well when presenting new, cutting-edge products to the market. The idea behind the skimming technique is to collect as much money as you can from early adopters and people who value having the newest innovations before everyone else.

Companies that use the skimming technique, like Apple with the launching of its iPhones, rely on the enthusiasm of tech-savvy customers who are eager to pay a premium for cutting-edge capabilities. The company gradually reduces the price to appeal to a larger audience as the product develops traction and the initial demand declines. This tactic enables businesses to make significant profits early on in a product’s lifecycle while recouping their investment in R&D.


Pricing strategies represent a company’s ideology, beliefs, and market positioning in addition to just establishing a price. Whether it’s the customer-centric strategy of Origin Energy Pricing, the community-focused strategy of GM Preferred Pricing, or the tactical innovation of the skimming pricing strategy, each strategy offers advantages of its own. The secret is choosing a strategy that meshes with the objectives of the business and appeals to its target market. Businesses may harness the potential to attract, engage, and keep customers in today’s dynamic and competitive marketplaces by understanding these pricing techniques.

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